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New to hiring, don’t worry!
Unlike other platforms we don’t just record what happened in the past. hya is here to guide and advise you at every step, so you know what to do next!
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hya gives you immediate access to a seasoned recruiter, on email or the phone, to answer questions and help you recruit with confidence.
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Save time and money switching between different platforms. hya enables you to consolidate email, spreadsheets, PM tools & instant messaging; run an entire recruitment process in 1 place!

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Did you know...

70% of tech startups fail within 20 months of their first raise:
  • Businesses struggle to attract the right people fast enough, impacting their likelihood of success.
  • The average startup takes 3-4 months to hire software engineers.
  • Understanding which skills and experience required at each stage of growth is essential.
  • An ability to attract top talent increases the likelihood of investment in later rounds.
Increase your chance of success with hya, by making better decisions, faster!

Our early users have had a lot to say...

“I love the task list, I like the sense of achievement.”


“As someone who doesn't have a lot of experience, you want as much as possible taken care of for you. hya does that.”


“hya takes away the hassle of having to keep on top of applications, and is automated as much as possible.”


“I like the kanban board, most people in start ups are used to using something like this.”

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